Luxury Hotels in New Caledonia

by admin on August 21, 2014

imagesNew Caledonia is a tropical archipelago in the Pacific Ocean with a wonderful combination of French and islander culture. This unique destination is to the north of New Zealand and east of Australia. New Caledonia is an overseas territory of France and has been under French control since 1853.

The islands got their name from the ancient Latin name for Scotland after the explorer James Cook spotted them and was reminded of his homeland. It has white sandy beaches and turquoise blue seas. The scenery is lovely and the temperatures are great year round. French is the official language and the cuisine has a French flair. New Caledonia is a spectacular destination, so the only question is where should you stay?

There are several luxury hotels in New Caledonia. The main island Grande Terre, which locals affectionately call “Le Caillou” or the rock, has some luxury hotels. Most of the hotels on the island are located in New Caledonia’s capital city of Nouméa, which is on a small peninsula towards the south end of the island.

meridien_noumea_sextant_nightThe luxury hotel Le Meridien Nouméa sits at the tip of Pointe Magnin and overlooks the shimmering waters of Anse Vata Bay just a few minutes away from the center of Nouméa. The hotel has over 209 guest rooms decorated in a modern, colonial style. It also has four different restaurants with different cuisines to eat at.

L’Escapade Island Resort is on Maitre Islet in the lagoon that is just outside of Nouméa. It offers 69 luxury bungalows, including overwater, beach, and garden ones. Guests can relax in comfort and peace away from the bustle of the city.
Further north on the island is the Sheraton New Caledonia Deva Resort and Spa. It has 180 guest rooms and direct access to sandy beaches and inland trails.

The Isle of Pines, which has been nicknamed the “closest island to Paradise,” has its own luxury hotel too. Le Meridien Ile des Pins offers luxurious accommodations in a secluded coconut grove by the Oro Bay. It has a mix of hotel rooms and bungalow suites.

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