Staying in New Caledonia Bungalows

by admin on August 21, 2014

Out in the Pacific, there is a small set of islands with an unexpected taste of France. New Caledonia is a small archipelago under the protection of France. With dazzling beaches and a unique hybrid culture, this little known destination is not one that should be missed.

Tahuna_maru_islet_RaroiaThe islands of New Caledonia are in the Pacific Ocean to the east of Australia and north of New Zealand. The islands were inhabited by Melanesians and settlers from Polynesia for thousands of years, before Captain James Cook spotted the islands.

He named them New Caledonia after an ancient name for his native Scotland. France took control of the archipelago in 1853 and used it as a penal colony for decades. Recently moves have been made to pass control of New Caledonia into local hands.

New Caledonia has a tropical climate with its summer being from November to March and its cooler, dry period from June to August.

There are many different wonderful landscapes in New Caledonia from cool rainforests and steep mountains to beautiful white sandy beaches with crystal clear turquoise water, especially on the Isle of Pines, which is nicknamed “the closest island to Paradise.” The main island has the second largest barrier reef in the world after the Great Barrier Reef. The official language of here is French. There are also 28 different native Kanak languages spoken.

l'escapade_overwater_bungalowVisitors wanting experience New Caledonia in style can stay in one of the many beach or overwater bungalows on the islands. Staying in an overwater bungalow will get visitors as close to the lovely waters of New Caledonia as possible without actually sleeping in them.

Many of the charming bungalows on land are part of eco retreats. You can still find all the comforts of home in beach bungalows here and be right on the beach when you step out the front door. The bungalows offer access to secluded beaches, so you can enjoy your vacation in peace and quiet or be as energetic and loud as you want without bothering anyone. Come experience the stunning scenery that New Caledonia has to offer.

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